The Connie Lansberg Trio

About Us

"I don't believe in biographies and words when it comes to performers or bands. How do you describe the vibration that goes through you when you listen to live music played by musicians who understand the important part that those vibration play in the recalibration of the human energy grid? Or music played by musicians who understand that music is preventative medicine? That fun and beauty and laughter and dance must be at the forefront of all peoples lives?! The Connie Lansberg Quintet is dedicated to as many live performances as possible and in a city where less and less venues are putting on jazz we are doing the hard work of developing new venues with our Jazz n Shiraz nights. Come and see us and feel it for yourself. Shame on those who think canned music is good for the soul! Not only do they put two people out of work (bass players and drummers) they are actually canceling out their own healing energy so that the music experience is neutral and therefor, useless. As an audience, you need to demand LIVE music. If you don't see a drummer on stage, but you hear them, you should be complaining to the management. We need to stamp out the use of machines and put real musicians to work. We NEED that.
We need their energy. It is an exchange of healing energy between a musician and an audience. As an audience it is your job to demand that the energy is pure. I'm angry about and you should be too!" Connie Lansberg

"Poised, beautiful and stylishly attired, Connie Lansberg commands her audience's attention from the first note. Unlike some singers, she maintains a delightful (and often quite sexy) eye contact with her listeners."

Steve Robertson
PBS Saturday Morning Jazz